Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Now that's good eatin!!!!

OK, I'll tend more to the blog now after removing myself from the poker sites for a couple weeks. I am growing tired of having pocket Aces and losing to lesser hands (in this case he has AK and hit runner runner straight) I am beginning to believe the theorists out there who say that the games are rigged. I have lost with pocket aces 5 times in the last 7 tournaments. That can't be a coincidence.

Anyway, I said before to friends I was going to write about my favorite meals. You don't get to be my size and not enjoy a meal or two. So, here are my five favorite comfort meals....the things that make the big man happy.

Honorable mention - A Ham Salad Sandwich from Andersons on a fresh roll with Snyders Potato Chips and Cherokee Red. The reason this is honorable mention is because Andersons is closed. I will never be able to get that particular type of Ham Salad anymore. And I loved it so much. Anything else will be a weak sister to that. Also, they don't sell Snyders Potato Chips and Cherokee Red in L.A., it's strictly East Coast. Like back in the day, they didn't sell Ho-Ho's here. Also, back in the day, every individual Ho-Ho was wrapped in aluminum foil. That was weird. BTW, Shawn and Michele HATE ham salad and were grossed out when I ate it. But I don't take food advice from someone who doesn't put milk on cereal, doesn't eat eggs or drink cola.

Others receiving votes - Large Poorboy sammich from Bay Cities, the Garlic rolls at Pizza Cookery, House Special Chicken from Pick Up Stix. Pad See Ew from Thai and I in Encino, Shrimp Scampi from the Cheesecake Factory. A Grilled Ham and Swiss from any deli. Scrambled Eggs with Biscuits and Gravy from Raes.

5 - A Shrimp Scampi Burrito from Poquito Mas, Mojado style - Walker took me to this place for lunch one day when we were working at OOMC. Now, I love shrimp like Bubba Blue did. So I ordered it. Fresh tortillas and shrimp with really good soft white rice wrapped up, drenched in red sauce and with a caesar salad and black beans on the side. And the price ranges depending on the volatile shrimp market. So it can be 7.99 or 11.99. Either way, it is quite choice.

4 - Porterhouse steak with the garlic seasoning, medium well with mashed potatoes AND French fries with a Ciroc and Ginger Ale to drink from Prime at the Bellagio - I used to not be a steak guy. My affinity for it has grown as I have been able to upgrade from Steak-um's and Steak and Eggs at Norms (AKA the Trevor Shickman Special). Back in the days, when the troops would roll up to Vegas, our good friend Al would get us hooked up at Prime. It was our friend J.P. (who has the tastebuds of a 7 year old) who insisted on the fries. And what a great choice he made. They are light as air and not greasy at all. It's goofy, but running a fry through your mashed potatoes and eating it is a fun thing to do for me. As for the drink, I'll say it again. Fuck Poof Drizzle, I was drinking Ciroc way before his punk ass did. Other steak houses like Mastros, Fins and Fogo De Chao are good, but Prime is the balls.

3 - King Cheese well done with Lettuce, Onions, Mayo and Pickles from Fatburger - Some will say In and Out is the best burger out there, but they are flimsy and I don't like the condiment selection as much. A King Burger needs two hands and it has some heft to it. And I like steak fries, so the fat fries are better than the ones at In and Out. Now, if we are going to In and Out, I will eat it happily, but the Fatboogie is my favorite.

2 - Chicken Parmesan with a side of spaghetti and meat sauce from Maggiano's - I just had this yesterday, the serving is so huge you can take it home and have it for another meal. The sauce from the Chicken Parm mixed with the meat sauce from the spaghetti is really tasty. I have tried only one other meal at Maggiano's and while it was good, I had to order a chicken parm to go because I regretted turning my back on my true Maggiano's love.

1B - Spaghetti and Meatballs from Rizzo's in Crabtree, Pennsylvania - Their sauce is so good that I have it shipped to me by the case from http://www.rizzosmalabarinn.com/sauces.aspx. I know it's a bias, but East Coast Italian food is far superior to the stuff you get here. Like Ray Liotta said in Goodfellas "Ketchup and noodles with burnt meatballs". Oh, and you have to get the Garlic bread and a salad, no beets. If Rizzo's closes, based on Anderson's closing this year, I have no reason to go back to Western PA, except family. :)

1A - Chick Fil-A Sandwich, no pickles, Large Waffle fries with barbecue sauce to dip in and a small cole slaw - It's a running joke with all of my friends, but it is the best fast food there is. The closest one is 20 miles away and I will make road trips to go get it. And I bring back several sandwiches and nuggets for Michele and I to eat during the week. Chick Fil-A was my first job back in 1986 at Santa Monica Place. (And no, despite rumors to the contrary, I never wore the chicken suit. I did dress up as Santa Claus at the Westside Pavilion when I was 26, but thats another story for another blog). We used to get free food as a perk for working there and it's no wonder the place went out of business. I wish one was closer, but am also aftaid I would be 350 lbs.

I didn't say this was the best food, just the food that makes me the happiest. Feel free to advise me on what else I should try.


duckiesuccumbs said...

You can mock my eating habits, but the fact that you eat a steak medium-well, and a burger well-done, well, son, that disappoints me...

Rubble44 said...

I dabble in the medium on the steak...as for a burger, if I see any pink in it, I can't eat it, it reminds me of raw meat.

tashikitten said...

My friend Todd Witteles was on 60 Minutes recently re: an online poker scandal.