Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's time to update an old list

My good friend Chris Walker and I had a conversation one day over lunch about the 10 women you would be allowed to sleep with and your significant other couldn't complain. I wrote this list on August 17th, 2006. It was a pretty solid list, but for some reason, I had Elisha Cuthbert and Katherine Heigl on the top, but they were moved for Rachel McAdams a couple days later. Know that this was before I ever heard one of them speak. The list was as follows:

Others receiving votes: Sophie Marceau, Claire Forlani, Rose McGowan, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Asia Argento, Liv Tyler, Jenna Fischer, Audrey Tautou, Carla Gugino, Gabrielle Union, Rachel Weisz, Alyson Hannigan, Jessica Biel, Michelle Monaghan, Mary Louise Parker, Alicia Witt, Jennifer Esposito, Kate Beckinsale.

10 - Eliza Dushku
9 - Kelly Hu - I liked the idea of the name Kelly Hu Hugus....like a stutter or hiccup.
8 - Elizabeth Banks
7 - Ashley Judd
6 - Famke Janssen
5 - Lauren Graham
4 - Diane Lane
3 - Jessica Alba
2 - Cuthbert or Heigl
1 - Rachel McAdams

The list is outdated....things need to be switched around and changed. I'm not interested in almost every one of these new celubutards that have hit the scene. There are no Audrey Hepburns on the horizon. But as I get older, I like a woman who has a little more substance. I don't understand why.....but now here's the new list.

10 - Gemma Arterton - Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace, best thing about the movie.
9- Mary Louise Parker - Should have been on the other list, I like her quirkiness
8 - Jenna Fischer - too adorable on the Office
7 - Emmanuelle Chriqui - incredibly hot, almost worth watching Zohan for
6 - Lauren Graham - Still on the list
5 - Isla Fisher - attractive and funny
4 - Diane Lane - the lifetime achievement award, has not lost a step
3 - Rachel McAdams - still beautiful, was #1, but been out of the picture.
2 - Elizabeth Banks - Good movies, insanely attractive, right on the cusp of #1
1 - Amy Adams - Total package. No need to elaborate.

Feel free to give your opinions.


Anonymous said...

Should have stuck with Heigl

duckiesuccumbs said...

You still have Lauren Graham up there, huh? Is it because of her "F*** me, Santa" scene and you go back to your one time you wore the beard? Also, factor in that Gemma used to have six fingers, the Antonio Alfonseca of hot chicks.

tashikitten said...

To my way of thinking, Asia Argento should be numbers 1-10.