Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And I have so little to look forward to.....but it could be worse

Since leaving the old jobsite on Halloween, I've had a lot of time to study and look for new jobs. I've been flip flopping on the idea of whether or not I am just going to go back to school and finish the last 8 classes I have and get my degree. I applied for Unemployment, so that's going to kick in soon. Anyway, it's stressful to me. So, even though I have a lot of free time, I don't go out and do things. But this week, I had plans for a couple of things I was looking forward to.

1. I saw Quantum of Solace
2. I was going to a taping of the Craig Ferguson show where James Lipton and Sarah McLachlan were going to be on. But before that, I was getting a tour of the CBS lot.
3. This Saturday a pub crawl then a birthday party at a bowling alley/karaoke bar. I love to singa about the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a

At the start of the year, I wrote a blog on Myspace outlining the top movies I was looking forward to in 2008. They were Iron Man, The Dark Knight and Quantum of Solace. I am not a big comic book geek, but the first two seemed they were going to kick ass. And they most certainly did. I saw commercials for Quantum of Solace (piss poor name by the way, but I understand keeping with the Ian Fleming titles and the other ones left were worse) and I thought it was going to rock.....

Well, the movie was OK. Not horrible by any stretch, not phenomenal, just bleh. There were several well choreographed fight scenes but other than that, no real movement of story line and the villain was weak. And the Bond girl sucked. They should have had the other one be the main lady....Strawberry she was cool. So that was a disappointment.

I woke up this morning, got dressed to go to CBS. Stopped at Pink's for a hot dog (which wasn't that good....especially when you take into account the was a short line for there, but still took 20 minutes to order). Got bumped by someone and got a little chili on my shirt. A white dress shirt with blue lines...but I was able to cover it up. I get to the CBS Lot and my friend Dave is unable to make it for the tour. So he got his coworker Lisa to do it. She was wonderful. She took me to the Price is Right stage (I got to touch the wheel, It's not that heavy....I could probably make it spin for a long time.) The Dancing With the Stars and American Idol stages (both empty) and then she takes me to the Craig Ferguson stage. I hear someone say "she's on stage warming up" and I get goose pimples....Sarah McLachlan is my favorite singer. I turn the corner and it's some chick named Adele who is testing the mikes (check check sibalance) Lisa asks a guy when Sarah is going to be there he says

"Oh, she came in and taped it last week....we don't usually tape the same people the same day"

So I ask, who is going to be there.....

"Larry the Cable Guy"


Why in the fuck would the website for the show say that the tickets were for that show and then she's not even actually there? It was the worst type of bait and switch. I was pissed off, but maintained my composure. Lisa felt terrible, but it's not her fault, she was really kind to give me a tour and take time out of her busy day to schlep some nobody around the whole lot. We looked around a little more, went to the CBS Shop (Bought a Letterman Late Show shirt....Lisa felt so bad, she used her discount) and got in the car and left without seeing ol' Larry.

I have no inherent problem with Larry, I liked the Blue Collar tours, but I am not waiting in a line for an hour and a half to hear him talk with Craig about electing a Kneegrow or eating at Stuckeys or whatever the hell he will say. I called Dave to thank him for getting Lisa to give me the tour and told him what happened and he said Larry was on the other lot and he had to wear the same shit he wears on stage in case he gets recognized. That must suck.

So I was driving home and moping...for several reasons, this being the most recent. I got a phone call from an old friend, Mike from my Option One days.....he tells me one of our old coworkers lost their house in the fire last week and he has a 4 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. They are safe, but have no home. So take that into consideration when you are moping about not seeing some singer. All in all, it sucked I didn't see Sarah again, but at least I am writing from my home. And as for the pubcrawl and the party later that night, I'll fill you in on the details...I predict I will sing Fiona Apple's "Criminal" because it is a fan favorite and I predict I will have a collasal hangover on Sunday. Until then......

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